Weezy Is The God Of Tight Sags

Tight saggers rejoice! Our leader has finally arrived! Lil’ Wayne performed at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards wearing a fabulous pair of sagging leopard print pants. I immediately wanted to throw away all of my tight jeans and bow to Weezy in complete humility.

I thought I knew everything about wearing a tight sag but Lil’ Wayne has proved me wrong. I wish to go to his jegging wearing dojo and beg to become his student.

Did you see that high jump he did during the performance? It was so full of mastery and skill. His tight sag powers are those of the greatest men who shop in the women’s section of Hot Topic!

All hail Weezy F. Baby. The god of the tight sag.


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Far East Movement Wear A Tight Sag Like A Size 6

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I Hate This Guy Part 2

This dude thinks this is so funny. Doesn’t he know that compression denim has it’s price. We all suffer for fashion and the tight pants piper must be paid. Watch this mockery below.

MTV True Life I’m Obsessed with Skinny Jeans even though it took away my Privates

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I Hate This Guy!

I found this vid on the Slang Rap Democracy blog. How dare he talk about our tight jeans like that! Just because I wrap shiny black Glad bags around my waist and legs doesn’t mean he can talk about us like that. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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The Tight Sagger Mating Dance

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We Heart Young Swaggots

You betta work!

You betta work!

Ah, the youth. So naive, so cool and so saggerific! Out of Los Angeles comes the duo The New Boyz who have that song about jerking things. They have a new remix with Harlem swaggot DJ Webstar about jerking things some more. But who cares? Look at their magnificent tight saggery.

Not only are they squishing their little adolescent balls, but they’re doing it with purple denim and some kind of checker-board stretch pants.

Watch their video about jerking things while you squeeze into something a little less comfortable.

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Kentucky Inmate Would Love To Read TTS!

Forward to the 2 minute mark to see a special message to all the tight saggers out there. Be warned.

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Yosemetie Sam Gets Fresh

Everyone is getting in on the tight jeans trend and this makes us here at The Tight Sag very, very happy. When cartoon characters are willing to put the squeeze on their gonads (like we do), it shows that our mission to feminize men’s fashion is working like a charm.

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It Must Be My Birthday

Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined a pair of pants that I would refer to as “perfect”. When I first saw these jeans on the Life Files website, I almost crapped my pants. It’s a good thing I didn’t because my jeans are so tight now that nothing would be able to escape. More after the jump…Psyche! I just wanted to say “more after the jump”.

Notice how the calves are so tight that you’d think someone made a pair of jeans out of a blood pressure taking device. The top part sags just right as to confuse onlookers as to whether or not they’re loose or tight. Sheer genius. If that wasn’t enough, there’s suspenders that you could probably swap out with a pair of neon pink, polka dot ones to go with a corny Spike Lee wannabee biker’s cap.

I really hope this has Lycra in it because I’m running out right now to get a pair in a size -13

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Tight News

To make it a little easier to get your TTS fix, you can now get here by going to thetightsag.com or just tightsag.com. The wordpress url will still work but now you have three sizes to choose from just like your favorite pair of limited Japanese selvage!

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